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Phone Lines

Phone System Upgrade For a short time between 9am and 10 am Wednesday the 16th of June you may experience difficulty while making contact via our branch phone numbers. We appreciate this disruption may cause some inconvenience and look forward to speaking with you post upgrade. Emails will continue to operate during this time.


Equipment that will help you reach 10+ meters. Available are indoor - outdoor use scissor and boom lift variants that cover a vast range of tasks for both commercial and private use. If you have a job that requires you to reach up to or above 10 meters give us a call today via numbers listed on our site.

Solar Light Towers

The Solar Lighting Tower represents energy efficiency at its finest. This 100% Aussie engineered device not only uses zero power (other than the sun!), it’s completely noiseless and throws out amazingly powerful light for a distance of up to 30m. NO NOISE EMMITED AND NO FUEL REQUIRED Solar powered Cost effective Ultra powerful Fully automatic v100% quiet Transportable Zero toxic emissions Length with Drawbar: 4000mm Length with Drawbar Removed: 3000mm Height Stowed: 2550mm Height Raised: 6930mm Trailer Width: 1710mm

Designing An Edible Garden For Your Australian Home

Growing your own produce has never been easier and many Australian homeowners are starting to realise that they have the resources, time and passion to create their own edible gardens. Not only does growing your own food give you a sense of accomplishment, but it’s also a stress relieving outdoor hobby that provides you with a supply of organic goodies. If you’ve never had an edible garden before and want to create one, then here’s what you should know: DESIGN EVERYTHING Plan your garden layout with permaculture in mind, so you’re planting the right things in the right place and working with nature, not...

Are You Ready For The High Fire Danger Season Ahead?

High Temperatures Are Coming: Be Prepared For The Fire Season As we head into the warmer months, temperatures can become quite high, and some areas will become even drier. Hotter temperatures also mean we are entering into the high fire-risk season. With proper preparation in place, you and your family can feel safer and reduce the risk of wildfires damaging your home and putting your entire family in danger. Educate neighbours and get them involved as well to reduce the risk of a fire ruining your whole neighbourhood. Get ready to prepare for fire season with the helpful tips below: Steps To Prepare For...

The Essential Tools That Any DIY Enthusiast Should Hire Instead Of Buy.

You’re ready to tackle your next major DIY project, but don’t have the right tools to do it. After researching what equipment you’ll need, you aren’t sure whether to buy or hire it. This can be tricky, as it’s difficult to predict what’s worth forking out for and which ones you’re better off hiring. We’ve been in the equipment hire game a while so we’ve got a good idea on the essential tools you should hire and not buy. Heavy duty drills Most home DIY jobs simply require a standard lightweight corded or cordless drill. They’re small, compact and easy to handle...

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Guest Ready Before Christmas

How to Make Sure Your Home is Guest Ready Before Christmas It happens every year. Christmas is suddenly upon us, and you’re rushing around trying to prepare for guests on the day of their arrival. You realise you never finished re-tiling the splashback in the spare bathroom and the lawn seems to have grown out of control overnight. It’s stressful when really, you should be enjoying your hard-earned break. Luckily, we’re going to show you that with a bit of planning and our top five tips, you can have your home guest ready before Christmas is here. 1. Complete half-done DIY projects Before...

Yard Broom

Powered Rotary Brush The Ideal for professional contractors looking for a multi-season machine to tackle jobs. Perfect for sweeping pathways, building sites, sports grounds. Use to clear up after de-thatching lawns. Power steering offers effortless maneuverability with the pull of a trigger Variable speed technology – 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds with shift-on-the-fly transmission. Independent control levers allow simultaneous engagement of ground drive and broom for easy handling

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