How To Make Sure Your Home Is Guest Ready Before Christmas

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Guest Ready Before Christmas

How to Make Sure Your Home is Guest Ready Before Christmas

It happens every year. Christmas is suddenly upon us, and you’re rushing around trying to prepare for guests on the day of their arrival. You realise you never finished re-tiling the splashback in the spare bathroom and the lawn seems to have grown out of control overnight. It’s stressful when really, you should be enjoying your hard-earned break. Luckily, we’re going to show you that with a bit of planning and our top five tips, you can have your home guest ready before Christmas is here.

1. Complete half-done DIY projects

Before you start anything new, it’s time to finish those DIY projects you already have underway and see to any overdue house repairs. The best part about tackling these things before Christmas is that you’ll be starting the new year fresh!

2. Freshen up your home’s entrance

Your home’s entry is essential for making an excellent first impression. Start by pressure cleaning around the front doorstep and any nearby paths. It could also be time to give your front door a fresh coat of paint if it’s looking worn and hide any scuff marks that can’t be cleaned off. Even the little things like cleaning away cobwebs, oiling squeaky door hinges and putting down a new doormat can go a long way to making your home’s entry look brighter and more inviting.

3. Pay special attention to the guest room

Many people use their guest room to hide clutter. If this sounds like you then it is time to clear it out. It’s probably a good idea to go one step further than vacuuming and shampoo the carpets too. Ensure you have the necessities on hand for guests, like fresh towels and a place to hang their clothes for a comfortable stay.

4. Perform maintenance checks

Make sure all air conditioners and fans (and pools if you’re lucky enough to have one) are in working order so that everyone in your household is going to be comfortable for this hot festive season. You certainly don’t want to be paying call-out fees over the Christmas period if you don’t have to. If you don’t have air conditioning and are worried your guests will be overwhelmed by the heat of an Australian summer, you can always hire a portable air conditioning unit.

5. See to outdoor maintenance

Chances are you’re going to be hosting a few barbeques over the Christmas period, so you’ll naturally want your backyard looking its best. Mow the lawn and see to any gardening or weeding that might be overdue. While you’re pressure cleaning your front entry, make sure you tackle that outdoor entertaining area too. Then, your backyard will be set for hosting Christmas guests. Need some tips on hosting to ensure your guests have a great time? Check out this post here

Top tip

It’s all about being organised. If you tackle one thing at a time over the next few weeks, you won’t have to worry at the last minute!
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