The Essential Tools That Any DIY Enthusiast Should Hire Instead Of Buy.

The Essential Tools That Any DIY Enthusiast Should Hire Instead Of Buy.

You’re ready to tackle your next major DIY project, but don’t have the right tools to do it. After researching what equipment you’ll need, you aren’t sure whether to buy or hire it. This can be tricky, as it’s difficult to predict what’s worth forking out for and which ones you’re better off hiring.

We’ve been in the equipment hire game a while so we’ve got a good idea on the essential tools you should hire and not buy.

  • Heavy duty drills

Most home DIY jobs simply require a standard lightweight corded or cordless drill. They’re small, compact and easy to handle and manoeuvre. Heavy duty drills are used for creating holes in wood and steel and are more dangerous to operate. They’re handy in large projects but seeing as you’ll also need to invest in safety gear you’re better off saving by hiring one.

  • Compressor

An air compressor is a versatile piece of equipment that let’s you accomplish much more in less time, and with less effort. However, it’s large and might require gas power. You can rent one for large painting or cleaning jobs, but for small jobs painting with a brush or sweeping with a broom will be sufficient and get the job done just as quickly.

  • Floor Finish Sander

The orbital floor sander designed for the sanding and refinishing of all types of wood flooring and outdoor decking, including pre-finished parquet, plank and laminate flooring systems.

It is also ideal for sanding between coats of floor finish where a high standard is required.

Features a unique ‘peel and stick’ abrasive system – simply press the self-adhesive sanding sheet on to the machine’s sanding pad before use

  • Generator

Most modern DIY equipment is easily and quickly charged or contains a long-life battery. However, you might need a generator when working away from a secure electricity source. In most cases the standard lifespan of a fully charged item is sufficient, making a large, noisy and high maintenance generator better suited for short term equipment hire.

  • Cherry Picker

You can use a ladder to reach ceilings or gutters for DIY painting or repairs. In rare instances (such as an awkwardly-sized or multi-storey building) you might require extra height. When this happens, hire a cherry picker. This way you can use the machine without having to worry about storing and maintaining it between uses.

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