How Does The Food In Your Esky Stack Up?

How Does The Food In Your Esky Stack Up?

Active Hire offers eskies to excavators and everything between. And as the esky is a must-have item for tradies, we’ve been wondering lately – what are you putting in your esky?

The snacking culture
The early starts, short breaks and on-the-go nature of work, all contribute to a culture of snacking. The next time you’re onsite, take a look around you. Are most of you turning to iced coffees and energy drinks that you pick up at the servo? What about that Aussie favourite – the pie and coke from the food van that conveniently stops by every day? While they may seem small at the time, choices like these add up.
What you eat impacts more than your hunger level
As some of the hardest working people out there, labourers and tradespeople need to keep their energy up but also be mentally alert, so they can stay safe and continue to enjoy their jobs.
Adequate hydration and nutrition are incredibly important to be able to perform the physical labour associated with the construction industry. Dehydration results in daytime fatigue, while a lack of nutrients causes poor energy metabolism. Of course, neither of these are helpful to keep you safe and productive throughout the day.

Tips for a healthier working day
Reducing the number of processed foods eaten and planning for better choices can make a significant improvement in mood and energy levels. Try following these tips:

  • Develop a meal plan and shop for it
  • Balance protein with whole grains and fresh produce
  • Opt for roast beef and roasted chicken rather than deli meats
  • Eat fresh produce in an array of colours for optimum nutritional value
  • Eat breakfast at home – you’ll be less tempted to make a last-minute grab for an iced coffee
  • Pack your esky the night before
  • Add ice bricks to keep food fresh and safe

Tips for the best snack choices
Even if you’re following the tips we just suggested, it’s important to make sure your good work isn’t undone by poor snacking choices. Here are a few snack ideas are not only nutritious but convenient too:

  • Piece of fruit
  • Lean turkey salad wrap
  • 200g tub of low-fat yoghurt
  • High-fibre muesli bar

If you’re interested in learning more about how healthy eating can impact worksite productivity and safety, listen to this podcast from the Queensland Construction Work Health Forum 2016.
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