4 Outdoor Playground Ideas For The Kids This Christmas

4 Outdoor Playground Ideas For The Kids This Christmas

4 Outdoor Playground Ideas for the Kids this Christmas

We think you’ll agree that in summer, anything featuring water is a winner for kids and adults alike. That’s why we’ve put together our top four playground ideas for keeping the kids cool and entertained in the backyard this Christmas.

1. Sandpits

Sandpits are the best kind of DIY project because you can really make them your own. Getting creative with size and shape means you can custom-build one to suit your family.

We’ve brainstormed a few different materials you could use to construct the perimeter of your sandpit:

  • Timber sleepers, decking or joists
  • Large stone
  • Tree stumps
  • Bricks
  • Besser blocks

Here are the basic steps to building a sandpit that is recessed into the ground:

  1. Mark the perimeter of your sandpit on the ground
  2. Use a trencher to dig out the border first and make life a bit easier on yourself!
  3. Dig out the rest of the pit
  4. Construct the frame using your chosen material
  5. Put gravel in the bottom, then shade cloth or landscaping cloth
  6. Finally, fill with sand. Want to figure out how much sand you’ll need? Volume = length x width, multiplied by the depth of the sandpit.

Make your sandpit large enough so that a plastic kids pool will fit in the corner and you’ll have created the ultimate beachside experience right in your backyard!

2. Mud pits

Kids love to play with mud! If you’ve got unused space in the corner of your yard or a garden bed you’ve been meaning to clear out, this makes the perfect location for a mud pit. If a permanent mud pit sounds a little too messy for your liking, there are a few solutions:

  • Use a wheelbarrow for a mini mud pit
  • Lay a large tarp down on the ground to create a temporary one
  • Use a plastic kiddie pool to hold the mud

3. Water wall

A water wall is one of our favourite playground ideas because it creates hours of fun for little ones. You can attach the items to an existing fence, but if you want to be able to store it in the shed when it’s not in use, why not attach all the items to a sheet of lattice that can hook onto your perimeter fence? Use recycling materials like plastic bottles and containers, buckets, pieces of old hose, pipe and funnels of course! Place shallow plastic bins or trays at the base to catch the water so it can be reused for play, or you can encourage your kids to water the garden with it.

4. PVC pipe sprinkler

This PVC pipe sprinkler is the next step up from letting the kids run under the garden sprinkler. Just take lengths of PVC pipe with holes drilled into them and fit them together to create a freestanding structure. Make sure you’re able to connect a hose to one point in order to fill the pipes with water. The kids can run through and be sprinkled with water from every direction. Make it tall enough, and it doesn’t just have to be for the kids!

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