At Active Hire, we offer a wide range of heavy-duty equipment & industrial cleaning equipment for hire in Brisbane, so that you can tackle any cleaning job. From large-scale sweepers to handle outdoor areas and warehouses, to scrubbers for deep cleaning of floors and surfaces, we’ve got you covered. Our industrial-grade gernies and sanders are perfect for hard-to-reach areas, and our powerful vacuums will make quick work of any debris.

Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, or any other industrial field, our equipment is built to handle the toughest cleaning challenges. We understand that every job is unique, which is why we offer flexible rental options to suit your needs, whether it’s a one-day rental or a long-term contract. Our team is also available to provide on-site training and support to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident using our equipment. Contact us today to rent the equipment you need to get the job done and ensure your work environment is safe and clean.