Are You Ready For The High Fire Danger Season Ahead?

Are You Ready For The High Fire Danger Season Ahead?

High Temperatures Are Coming: Be Prepared For The Fire Season

As we head into the warmer months, temperatures can become quite high, and some areas will become even drier. Hotter temperatures also mean we are entering into the high fire-risk season.
With proper preparation in place, you and your family can feel safer and reduce the risk of wildfires damaging your home and putting your entire family in danger. Educate neighbours and get them involved as well to reduce the risk of a fire ruining your whole neighbourhood.
Get ready to prepare for fire season with the helpful tips below:

Steps To Prepare For The Upcoming Fire Season

One of the first steps to take to prepare for fire season is to ensure adequate measures are in place at home. This includes having appropriate tools, such as a fire extinguisher in the home and in working order in case of a fire. Even when fires aren’t common in your area, there is always a first, so be prepared. Create a plan for you and your family to follow in case a fire does occur and spread toward your area. This should include an evacuation plan in case things escalate – this will help to keep things calm.

Tips to Reduce Fire Risk Around Your Home and Property

  • The grass around the home should be mowed at all times and weeds should be no more than six inches in height. Maintain your property with the right tools such as lawn mowers and weed cutters. (
  • Vegetation planted within approximately 14 feet of your home or other buildings on your property can pose a fire risk. If you have vegetation close by, move them further away.
  •  Plant dense trees within the first 100 to 200 feet of buildings.
  •  Keep gutters clean. When leaves regularly fall into your gutters, it creates the perfect environment for the fire to spread. Frequently remove leaves from your gutters.
  •  Remove grass clippings, old branches and dead leaves from around your property. Dry vegetation waste can quickly catch on fire.
  • Trim back low-hanging branches to avoid ground fires sweeping up and spreading through trees.
  • Having a disaster kit ready to go. The fire ready kit should include clothes, important documents, food and water, as well as medication that you or family members are taking.

When a disaster strikes, being prepared can save lives. This fire season, follow the steps above to reduce the risk of fires spreading to your home neighbouring areas.
We have all the tools you need to get your home ready for fire season. Visit our landscaping page for everything you need.

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